About of the Gutštejn Castle

The Gutštejn castle was founded around 1300 as a manor house of Lords of Gutštejn.

Lords of Gutštejn owned numerous properties and so in the 15th century the Gutštejn castle did not remain in their attentions.

In 1489 died Burian The Rich, which had been highest chancellor of the Bohemia kingdom. Later his sons rebelled again the czech king and became famous in Bohemia and Bavaria as thieves and marauders. At that time the castle Gutštejn was used as a prison for captivated and kidnapped gentry.

Lords of Gutštejn owned the castle until 1549, when the castle was bought by Hanuš Elpognar of Bezdružice.

In 1550s is the castle Gutštejn mentioned as deserted, after the 30years war it became a ruin.

The perimeter walls on the north, west and east side remind us the oldest history od the Gutštejn castle.

The round corner tower is from the second half of the 14th century.